The State of Cybersecurity Marketing Report

A new report by the Cybersecurity Marketing Society and Ten Eleven Ventures to help cybersecurity marketers rise above the noise in a crowded industry. Data is from 200+ marketers across the globe. 
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What is covered?

We partnered with Ten Eleven Ventures to create this project for the same reason we launched the Cybersecurity Marketing Society in March 2020: to help cybersecurity marketers solve the problems we face in our unique industry.

We hope this survey arms cybersecurity marketers with the metrics and insights to help accelerate
your marketing results in 2022 and beyond.

200+ Marketers surveyed
10+ Expert Interviews
Stats & Trends

What's it like being a marketer in Cybersecurity?

Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke
CMO, Axonius

I’m in cybersecurity marketing because it's really hard and it's really hot. You have a group of people (your ICP) that are genetically predetermined to not trust you. They hate hearing the same jargon that everyone else says and have immediate skepticism about any marketing claim.

Report Themes

Chapter 1 Why cybersecurity marketing?
Chapter 5 The future of cybersecurity marketing
Chapter 2 How we survived & thrived in 2020
Chapter 6 A tech stack built for agility & strength
Chapter 3 State of sales & marketing alignment
Chapter 7 The most important metrics
Chapter 4 Challenges that come with the Game
Chapter 8 Talent & the future of work from home